Friday, February 18, 2011

Drink Mix of the Day #4 ADVANCED

This ones a bit tougher to make but pretty good.


Fruity Islander

When pouring the ingredients try and float as many as possible

1st: pour in your chocolate syrup: try note to get any on the sides yet as this adds to the flavor and color later on

2nd: pour in the pinacolada mix in the center of the chocolate syrup: if done right the syrup will ride up the sides of the glass and give the illusion that it is half full of chocolate

3rd: pour the soda and the juice in at the same time or from a premixed glass into the center of the mix: usually the juice and soda wil mix and float on top of the chocolate and the mix giving a nice red layer

4th: float your choice of vodka or any other 100+ proof on top

server w/ a stir stick or umbella and a piece of semi sweet dark chocolate

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